Build Revenue, Drive Traffic, Hack Time

Time for Blogging is Limited. Get your Time Back
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As a business, you want more revenue, right? But how do you increase revenue?

Well, sales beget revenue. Customers beget sales. And leads beget customers.

While the internet seems like a complicated marketplace, it’s fairly simple. Leads come from only four places: ads, e-mail, social media, and search traffic.

51% of site traffic comes through organic search. 10% of site traffic comes through paid search and 5% through social media. This means that organic search traffic is the top way to bring customers to your site and make sales.

One of the pillars of search engine optimization is blog content. Google values well-written content over all else. But well-written content is also time-consuming.

Hack Your Time

Maybe you’ve already built a blog. You’re getting some traffic, but it’s just not enough to make a difference. You really don’t have more time to spend on longer content, the stuff that will really draw a crowd.

Even if you spent the time, what’s your time worth? Could you spend it better serving customers and building your business in other ways?

Hack your time by giving me the finger-breaking work of writing search-optimized blogs.

Advanced Keyword Research and Search Optimized Content

When I research keywords, my goal is high volume and low competition. I dig deep to find long-tail keywords that fit your niche or product.

This is the low-hanging fruit that will bring you high-volume traffic. And I won’t be satisfied until I know a keyword will have maximum impact.

I then build stellar unique content around your keyword. I’m all about pleasing the Google gods. Pleasing Google will eventually rocket your traffic and ultimately increase revenue.

Are you ready to hand over the finger-breaking work of content creation? Let’s hack your time. Contact me to learn more.