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What Internet Marketers Can Learn From The Lannisters

“Tyrion alone was able to see that facing the enemy head-on would be foolish. Instead, he fortified King’s Landing while using fire to destroy the enemy fleets.

He is a man who didn’t let his size limit his imagination or his ability to drink.

Likewise, as a marketer, you should think outside the norm. You have to be crafty like Tyrion.”

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Avoid This Ending: Inside Nasty Gal’s Massive Crash

“But the problem comes when an entrepreneur becomes the celebrity and not vice-versa. Of course, the #Girlboss brand did very little harm to an already rotten Nasty Gal. It merely didn’t do what both investors and founders hoped it would do. Save a failing company.”


Google’s Top Algorithm Updates Explained in 5 Minutes

“Before the Panda arrived, all was quiet on the Google front. We were all munching our keywords politely while other people were dumping low-quality trash into the top ranking search spots.

It’s the low-quality and thin content trash from “content farms” that angered the Panda. The Panda rampaged through Google for the first time in February 2011. And suddenly a whole lot of people saw their site traffic drop enormously.”



Star Trek: Discovery Employs Chandler’s Law in Mid-Season Finale

“The writers are cruel and will not let Stamets rest. He kisses his lover, enters the spore-drive chamber and makes the last jump. Then it all goes to hell.”


Three Star Trek Technologies We Don’t Actually Want In Real Life

“And while the people in the Federation probably know what Tasty Wheat tastes like, they’re also a giant bureaucratic organization. And bureaucratic organizations like to cut corners. That means that the food replicators we see in Star Trek use up the least number of resources possible.

What does this mean for the food coming out of the food replicators? Well, Tasty Wheat probably doesn’t taste like Tasty Wheat and you’re never going to see a truly gourmet meal again.”



‘Star Wars’: Why Rian Johnson Isn’t Any Better Than George Lucas

“Rian Johnson, however, seems fit to restore Lucas’ vision. And he’s done a wonderful job of returning the Saga to its original structure with The Last Jedi.”


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“For a morbid half-awake moment, I considered what it might be like to drown. Would it be peaceful or would it be an eternal panic before passing out?

You see, I was clinging to a pink flamingo floatie in the middle of a hot springs pool at 4 AM while 160 of my comrades were still in the mountains fighting a battle. And all I wanted to do was fall asleep. But if I did, I’d likely slip into the water and wake up with a lung-full of sulfery water.

No, I hadn’t crossed the finish line in second or third place. I DNF’d. That stands for “Did Not Finish.” (Yeah, I know, doesn’t work as a verb when spelled out, but ultrarunner don’t care.)”

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